Enquiry Officer, Clerk Grade 3/4 - 194876

Sydney, New South Wales, au
Company: Department of Education
Category: Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Published on 2021-06-12 06:09:13
<p class="MsoNoSpacing" style=";;;;;;;"><span style=""><span style=""><b><span style="Arial&quot;,sans-serif">Temporary full-time appointment for a period up to 30 June 2022<span><b><span><br ><span style=""><b><span style="Arial&quot;,sans-serif">Location: Parramatta <span><b><span><span><br >&nbsp;<p><p style="margin-top:8px; margin-bottom:13px;;;"><span style=""><span style=""><span style="margin-bottom:13px;"><span style="">This front-facing team supports the work of the Early Childhood Education Directorates by providing timely advice and information to a wide range of stakeholders. We&rsquo;re seeking an enthusiastic professional who strives on delivering great customer service keeping our stakeholder groups at the front of mind across our diverse work portfolio.<span><span><span><span><p><p style="margin-top:8px; margin-bottom:13px;;;">&nbsp;<p><p class="MsoNoSpacing" style=";;;;;;;"><span style=""><strong><span style=""><span style="margin-bottom:13px;"><span style="">About the role<span><span><span><strong><span><p><p style=";;;;;;;"><span style=""><span style="margin-bottom:13px;margin-top:8px;"><span style=""><span style="">This is a frontline customer service role which responds to routine enquiries and assists with the provision of information to the sector and stakeholders. <span><span><span><span><p><p style=";;;;;;;">&nbsp;<p><p class="MsoNoSpacing" style=";;;;;;;"><span style=""><span style=""><b><span style="Arial&quot;,sans-serif">About the Department of Education <span><b><span><span><p><p class="MsoNoSpacing" style=""><span style=""><span style=""><span style="margin-bottom:13px;margin-top:8px;"><span style="">The Department of Education is the largest provider of public education in Australia with responsibility for delivering high-quality public education to two-thirds of the NSW student population.<span><span><span><span><p><p style=""><span style=""><span style=""><span style="margin-bottom:13px;margin-top:8px;"><span style="">For more information about the Department of Education, please visit <a href=":w.dec." style="color:blue; text-decoration:underline">NSW Department of Education<a><span><span><span><span><p><p style=";;;;;;;">&nbsp;<p><p style="margin-bottom:13px;;;;;;;;"><span style=""><span style=""><span style=""><span class="Heading1Char" style=""><span style="font-weight:bold"><span style="">Early Childhood Education<span><span><span><span><span><span><p><p style="margin-bottom:13px;;;;;;;;"><span style=""><span style=""><span style=""><span style=""><span style="Arial&quot;,sans-serif">Located within the Department of Education, we are committed to driving educational and developmental outcomes for children attending education and care services, including long day care, preschool, outside school hours care, family day care and occasional care. Our aim is that all children in NSW participate in high quality education and care services, including for 600 hours a year in the two years before school. Our work is based on established evidence of the benefits of early childhood education to enhance children&rsquo;s cognitive abilities and social and emotional skills.<br ><br >There are two Directorates for Early Childhood Education:<span><span><span><span><span><p><ul><li style="margin-bottom: 13px; "><span style=""><span style="margin-bottom:13px;"><span style="">Quality Assurance and Regulatory Services Directorate<span><span><span><li><li style="margin-bottom: 13px; "><span style=""><span style="margin-bottom:13px;"><span style="">ECE and Schools Policy Directorate<span><span><span><li><ul><br><p style="margin-bottom:13px;;;;;;;;"><br ><span style=""><span style=""><span style=""><span style=""><span style="Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><b>Early Childhood Education Quality Assurance and Regulatory Services Directorate<b><span><span><span><span><br ><br ><span style=""><span style="margin-bottom:13px;"><span style="">We have regulatory responsibility, through the National Quality Framework and our state-based early childhood legislation, to raise quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency in education and care services.&nbsp; Our Directorate regulates and supports over 5,500 services in NSW through monitoring, assessment and rating, enforcement and compliance and approval processes.&nbsp; We work with jurisdictional partners across Australia and the Australian Children&rsquo;s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) to ensure a consistent application of the National Quality Framework and we continuously strive to work with the education and care sector to improve how we regulate to enhance child outcomes.<span><span><br ><br ><span style=""><span style=""><b>ECE and Schools Policy Directorate<b><span><span><br ><br ><span style="margin-bottom:13px;"><span style="">We manage the strategic policy framework for early years settings and K-12 education in NSW, including non-government schools. We do this by analysing, understanding and informing national policies on early childhood education, and by identifying and developing new strategies to achieve department goals, including innovative solutions to complex challenges. We directly fund early childhood education services and organisations to help meet the goals of the National Partnership Agreement on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education and support services to deliver high quality education and care.&nbsp; We carry out research and analysis on how to effect positive educational change particularly for Aboriginal children, children with disability and children in regional and remote NSW. We support needs-based funding for non-government schools, and drive Education for a Changing World programs and innovations.<span><span><span><span><br >&nbsp;<p><p class="MsoNoSpacing" style=";;;;;;;"><span style=""><span style=""><b><span style="Arial&quot;,sans-serif">

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