Senior Cloud & Platform Engineer

Sydney, New South Wales, au
Company: WooliesX
Category: Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Published on 2021-06-12 19:10:12

Ready for a challenge? Opportunity to be a part of one of the most exciting retail transformations in Australia. 

Our Story

The Woolworths Group has been focused on the importance of digital and what we need to do to better serve our customers through creating shopping experiences that are personalised, seamless, and convenient. Enter WooliesX. WooliesX is the combination of our digital businesses working in collaboration together to capitalise on the communities of professionals we have at Woolworths. We create new teams, with new practices, and a modern dynamic engineering culture by investing in the right people and resources to make it possible. We’re proud of the work we do and want to be known for delivering exceptional client experiences with great work-life balance. 

WooliesX is structured by communities of capabilities, chapters, which bring different skills into our execution teams, squads. The focus within our chapters is to develop strategies, skills, and capabilities through training and conversations. Our squads focus on specific business benefits and the creation of solutions to capitalise on opportunities within their business areas.

Where we play

WooliesX Hub is based 2 minutes walk from Central station and walking distance from all the cafes and restaurants that Surry Hills has to offer. The brand new sites have been designed to support flexible working with different spaces for activities such as collaboration, brainstorming, or relaxing.

With flexible working at our core, our teams have the option to work from home, out of our Surry Hills offices, or our corporate head office in Bella Vista.

What we are looking for?

Our Cloud & Platform Engineering chapter brings together engineers from all over the world and across a variety of businesses to develop the hosting and delivery strategy for WooliesX. We understand that individuals bring rich perspectives which sometimes hide behind quiet personalities. Leaders within the Cloud & Platform Engineering chapter help to ensure all voices are heard. This is accomplished through mentorship, coaching, and teaching those within the chapter as well as our squads.

The landscape of technology within WooliesX is a pairing between exciting technologies and opportunities to improve our customer connections and experiences. Our Fulfilled by Woolies business is driving innovation in the logistics and last mile experiences for customers which include automating the movement of physical goods, reducing data latency around stock and availability, and democratising access to key product information across our ecommerce businesses.

A leader in this space aims to balance current operations with transitioning technologies. This includes planning and reviewing changes to the architecture while working with teams to evangelise and coordinate solution roll out. The investments in the data and application hosting spaces enable squads to focus more on the customer value proposition while gaining resiliency and efficiency through collaboration.

Chapter Responsibilities

  • Learn and Improve your skills through dedicated chapter time

  • Share your experiences within your chapter and across the Engineering practice

  • Generate excitement for technologies that aim to change the future

  • Evangelise implementations across the organisation where beneficial

  • Squad Responsibilities

  • Define and drive a squad’s roadmap 

  • Discuss with stakeholders to refine priorities and allocate resources

  • Work closely with Architects and Engineers to design, build, deploy, manage and operate environments

  • Coach and assist engineers to uplift capability and spread domain knowledge

  • Bring the best practices from across the Engineering practice into the delivery cycle

  • Evaluate all platform and service consumption to optimise costs

  • We expect experience with

  • Cloud Native Application Development

  • Recent C# & .NET technologies

  • Relational & Document Databases

  • Service Integration Patterns

  • Automated Testing Practices

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • Specific experience which align with current state

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • C# & .NET Core 3 

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MongoDB

  • Azure DevOps & GitHub

  • Azure Kubernetes Service

  • Terraform

  • You can familiarise yourself with these on the job

  • Infrastructure as Code

  • Azure AppInsights & Dynatrace

  • E-Commerce Fulfilment Logistics 

  • Internally Developed Proprietary Applications

  • If you

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